Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Monetize Android Apps

Below is a great session @ Google IO 2012 about Android App Monetization, including some new information, tips and case studies, very informative indeed

  1. Find the model and pricing that works for you 
  2. Find the best ways to engage you users
  3. Launch relevant targeted content frequently 
  4. Strategy to convert users to paying customers
  5. Test often to gauge success -> iterate ->repeat
  6. Optimise user experience across devices
  7. Social integration and cross promotions
  8. Build monetization strategy into app development 


  1. this is great..really it so thankful for this info now i know what is** and etc..

  2. Some usefull insites into android app monetisation.

    Points 4,7 and 8 and the ones that need expanding on.

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  4. Good tips on android app monetization! It is really important to monetize the mobile app as in present days many developers has emerged to develop different mobile apps.