Friday, May 11, 2012

Android App Marketing: dumping my experience

I am writing this post to share my fresh personal experience in marketing Android Apps

  1. Introduction
  2. Market SEO
  3. Social Networks
  4. Advertising Networks
  5. Forums
  6. App Review blogs/websites
  7. PR
  8. Video
  9. Cross-apps promotion
  10. Other things to do
  11. Things NOT to do


The ultimate target for Android App marketing is to make your app appear in the top 5 Apps in any market list (ex: Top Free, Trending, Top New Free ...etc) and for this to happen you need your users to do the following

1- Install your app (many installs daily)
2- Review your app +rating
3- To +1 your app
4- Does not uninstall your app soon

All factors above are used by the market to decide whether to add/push up your app in a list and whether to show your app in the top search results or not

Saying so we reach the conclusion that most important part of app marketing is the App itself, is it valuable for the user, will he/she keep it installed,  does it have a good UI/Icon/Name is it related to a trending topic at the moment , do you think the user would show your app to a friend ?

Also note that "Games" when are well created are easier to market than other apps

Market SEO
  1. Choose proper catchy app name
  2. Create a good looking icon
  3. Write a title/description that is easy to read by users and in the same time contains as mush relevant words as possible, more words means more users will find your app through search
  4. Choose proper category  
  5. Screenshots should be beautiful and convincing

Warning: adding duplicate or irrelevant words will be noticed by google and you will be warned about it

Social Networks
  1. Add you app link in all "Relevant" facebook public pages, Groups and on your wall
  2. Post it on twitter with "#android" included
  3. Post it on Google+
  4. Any other social network you have access to

All these steps will give you an initial push to be included in the "top new free" list in addition to some good feedback from your friends, also ask them to add reviews on the market

Advertising Networks

Paid advertising is a very good way to drive installs to your app which will move your app up in the Market List

There are many many types of paid advertising CPM (Cost per mile), CPC ( Cost per click ) , CPI (Cost per Install), Incentive installs, Affiliate ...etc

Provided by networks like AdMob, JumpTap and others, the ads are shown on other mobile apps and pay for each click on the Ad, for CPM you pay for each 1000 view (regardless of clicks)

I used AdMob before, i paid 50$ (minimum) and got 1270 clicks (CPC=0.04) and 10s of installs only, so it is only effective when you have a big budget

I used JumpTap, minimum is 25$ and CPC=0.10 and gpt 242 clicks

CPI/Incentive networks
Provided by networks such as AppBrain, TapJoy and others, you pay only when the user install the app

AppBrain minimum is 25 dollars  (Paypal)  and the cost per install starts from 0.20$

I tried TapJoy before, they have many options to choose from and huge user base, there is no minimum and the cost for acquiring user starts from 0.10$ and is proven

the only problem with TapJoy is that it gives user incentive to install your app, so most of the users install your app to get the incentive and then uninstalls your app

Provided by networks such as mobpartner , you pay for a specific action , you will  have many options to choose from CPL: cost per lead ex: a the user successfully filled a form that you wanted him to fill, CPS: the user did a purchase for something or CPI: cost per installing application

Unfortunately i didn't try it before


AdExchange networks provide you with the ability to show ads in your app and in return your app Ad will be shown in other apps in the network, this way every time a user will open your app, there will be another app promoting yours - a free win-win situation

Providers: tapfortap


There are many benefits from posting your app on the forums, first you will get both install spikes and contentious install stream in addition to feedback from people other than your friends

  1. Add a post containing a good description and screesnhot for you app on as many forums as you can
  2. Don't use url shortner in forums 
  3. Use the following convention in titles [APP][version] your app name
  4. Some forums requires that you do some activity before you can add links to your posts

Best Android forums

Also don't forget to post on local forums

App Review blogs/websites

Contact all blogs and app review websites and let them know about your app, find below a list of Android blogs and review websites


PR refers to Public Relation and Press Release, there are some specialized companies which have relations with Magazines, Blogs and android websites such companies could reach out and spread the word easily about your app on your behalf



Create a video about your app and upload it on youtube and other video websites this would drive traffic from youtube search, and should convince the user to install your app if he/she watched the video on the market

Cross-app promotion

If you have other relevant apps, you could change the code to add either a splash screen, banner or a notification about your new app

Other things to do
  1.  Update your App regurarlly (after updates your app is listed again in the top new free list)

Things NOT to do  
  1. Don't use facebook normal ads or AdWords Ads for your App it is useless, facebook mobile ads is gr8

Very valuable blog, thanks David
Valuable presentation
Mobile Advertising information


  1. Dear Karim,
    Nice blog and very good info. I have read a lot about android app marketing but first time I found a link to I found this site to be really useful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Karim,

    Wonderful article. MobPartner is a great network if you'd like to promote your Android app because MobPartner itself is a mobile CPA network like you said. It means it is risk-free for the advertiser, who will only pay for installs, not per clicks. That's how advertisers should market their Android app. Recommended.

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  5. Very useful post !! Great work Karim

  6. Hi Karim
    Great article-thanks!
    If you had $10K to promote an app (Brush DJ ) how would you spend it to get the most 'bang for your buck'?

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  8. For me i would spend on Advertising (AdMob and AppBrain) then seek a good PR agency

    After finishing your marketing plan/execution, please let me know what worked for you


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  10. Great post, Karim. Very useful insight :)

    Unfortunately, the tap4tap link leads to some other place. Apparently this network doesn't exist anymore. As from what I googled, there aren't any ad exchange networks on the net right now, are there?


  11. Oh sorry, wrong link, thank you for letting me know

    Here is the correct one

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  13. Very good information...

    Question about tapfortap... do they require read phone state permission?

  14. Yes they do

  15. "Update your App regurarlly (after updates your app is listed again in the top new free list)"

    I think this is not true, indeed. I updated my very fist app about 50 times in two months. After the first month it just disappeared from top new free and never go back. My theory is that your app will be removed from Google's Play Top New Free as soon as it is one month old, regardless your updates.

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