Monday, May 28, 2012

Research: Average User Response to an expected Action (AURTEA)

This research is based on the results i published in my post below

As the name suggests, the aim of this research is to reach an average % of response you could safely expect from a user in any specific action on the web, also it aims to know which actions people like to do more


AURTEA: Average User Response to an expected Action


After analysing the numbers i gathered from my web activities in the last year, i calculated the average of all responses to actions in general and the average response for each action category

check screenshot later in the post


AURTEA = 3.2%

That is you can expect 3.2 percent response as an average to any action - not included in the specific categories below- you expect from a web user

AURTEA for "Showing interest in people" = 14%
AURTEA for "Non-Ad discovery" = 9.4%
AURTEA for "Web and Mobile ADs clicks" = 0.41%
AURTEA for "Sharing" = 0.15%
AURTEA for "Giving Opinion" = 0.29%
AURTEA for "Showing  interest in websites or apps" = 0.09%
AURTEA for "All actions except Non-Ad discovery and Show interest in people" = 0.24%

Self Refute:

I am aware that the average global CTR is 2% which is much bigger than my numbers and that your numbers would be different than mine and also i am aware that we need more numbers and diverse trials to reach more accurate results:

I follow "better than nothing" principle and i think we should work using the data we have until we get more data in the future

Please compare and test the conclusion of this research and let me know if you find it useful or if you have reached different results

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