Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amazing web statistics you have never heard of before

These are some statistics i gathered from my daily activities on the web 


Posting Links

Click through Rate (Twitter link CTR)

When posting tweets with links, for every 100 link containing tweets  you will get 16-74 clicks on the links, assuming you are using proper hashtag (excluding your followers count)

Using catchy titles realated to hot news in a peak times, i managed to reach 8% CTR


When following people on twitter only 11-17% will follow back

Facebook/Facebook  Pages


Reach for facebook pages ( % of users who will see your posts ) is 19-35%


Probability of friends/fans sharing your posts

Viral Affect

A normal link you spread in your facebook page may reach people corresponsding to 2% of your total user count

Facebook Ads

0.1-0.3%   CTR
0.1-0.25$  CPC
Average CTR and CPC from my facebook Ads account

Google Search


It took 4 days to crawl new page on one of my websites

Blog posts on blogger are indexed instantly or takes up to 2 days max

Google Play/Android 

Active Installs

Average active installs are 30-60% of all user installs

low: 4%


Expect 0.1-0.2% of totals users installed your app to comment or review

When does Google Android developer console stats updates ?
Usage vs Active Installs [new]

For each 100 active installs for your app 12-74 users will open/use it every day

AdMob Advertising 

I managed to get 0.4-1.6% (CTR) using AdMob Ads

Conversion Rate 
For each 1000 Clicks to you get 10 to 110 Installs

  • Min bid is 0.1/click
  • ADMob Ad takes 1-2 days to get approved 

JumpTap Advertising

0.4%   CTR
0.10$  CPC
Average CTR and CPC in my jumptap experiment

Google AdSense 
0.44% CTR
0.26$ CPC
Average CTR and CPC in my AdSense account

3.9% CPM Ads
96%  CPC Ads
Difference between CPC and CPM Ads served 

Google AdWords 

0.18-0.68% CTR
0.36-0.66$ CPC
Average CTR and CPC in my AdWords account

LinkedIn Advertising

0.026% CTR
2.73$ CPC
Average CTR and CPC in my LinkedIn Ads account

StumbleUpon  Advertising

Cost per View = 0.10$

User actions on my websites 

More Button

7-15% of people click the "more" button each day, each user clicks on average 3 times on "more"

Menu Items
18 - 23 % of the users click on menu items each day


0.025% of visitors may click on the bookmark button

I got 5 clicks on "bookmark" button from 20000 visits 


0.06-0.83% of visitors may click on submit feedback

I got 26 feedbacks from 3000 visits (feedback was a popup that the user sees every time he/she visits the page)

I got 48 feedbacks from 70000 visits (feedback was fixed on the left side of the page)

Facebook likes and Gogole +1 
on websites

0.01-0.06% of visitors clicks +1 button
0.16-0.3%  of visitors clicks on Facebook Like button

 I got 27 Facebook likes from 9000 visits  

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