Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to come up with business ideas for your Startup

Idea generation can be easy only if you give it some priority and do it consistently until it become an unconscious process

1] Problems watching habit
Think of any problem that occurs in your life or other life as a possible beginning for an idea to solve that problem, say how could i solve this problem in a better way

2] Ask people about their pains 
Ask people and professionals about their daily pain @ life or work and search for a solution with them

3] Watch new technologies and buzzing terms
There lies new opportunities in new technologies and niches

4] Watch new startups 
Monitor startups listing websites for new startups and check their ideas and you will definitely come with a new one or improve an existing one

Some of them are here: 

5] Make surveys and ask users on the web

6] Brainstorm with your team 

7] Exchange ideas with other Entrepreneurs

8] Change life style, socialize and interact with different people and do different things
Change patterns and do new things  and new ideas will follow


  1. Ideas come with passion if you dont have passion for particular activity you are trying to generate idea for, cannot be created or produced until you have interest in that. One more factor that helps you to create idea is that mentally you should be very fresh or have no such worry that may disturb you.

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