Saturday, December 3, 2011

SD Card IO/superblock Errors on Linux Ubuntu 11.10 - Lenovo machine


Machine: Lenovo Edge 520
SD Card HW: Ricoh Co Ltd Device e823 (rev 07)


1- Input/output error
2- Can’t read superblock”


Thanks to  Giuseppe Paterno for providing the solution and the patch

Temp solution

Execute the following commands

sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 f9.B=fc
sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 150.B=10
sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 f9.B=00
sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 fc.B=01
sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 e1.B=32
sudo setpci -v -d 1180:e823 fc.B=00

sudo rmmod sdhci_pci
sudo rmmod sdhci
sudo modprobe sdhci
sudo modprobe sdhci_pci

Permanent solution 

Execute the following patch

NOTE: The patch above didn't work for me, for me upgrading the kernel to 3.1.0-030100-generic solved the problem 

Solution source


  1. Thank you for posting this. This helped me get my SD Card reader working on my thinkpad T420s (kernel 2.6.38-15)