Friday, April 22, 2011

Google Adsense Optimization

Today i was reading about Adsense Optimization through Adsense Youtube channel and other resources, it seems simple and straightforward but you will need to test and tweak until you reach the best setup for your website, and at the end it really affects the revenue

Adsense Optimization

  1. Use recommended Ad sizes

  2. - 300x250 medium rectangle
    - 728x90 leaderboard
    - 160x600 skyscraper

  3. Don't restrict the type/number of Ads you serve

  4. - Enable all Ads ( Image/text )
    - Don't block a lot of Ads using the Ad filter

  5. Enable placement in your custom channels

  6. -

  7. Adapt the Ad colours to your website theme

  8. - Change Ad background/text colour to blend into your website theme so that it does not get visually ignored by your visitors

  9. Place more Ad units (Max 3) and Ad types (search or link Ads)

  10. Change the Ad location to grab your visitor's attention


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