Friday, March 18, 2011

4 Easy Steps to choose the best domain name for your website or startup

In this post I am proposing a methodology to choose a domain names based on my personal experience

1. Brainstorming phase

In this phase you try to describe your website or product though keywords and sentences


“Tools” “Online” “Software” “development” “helpers” “functions” ….etc
“Online tools for software developers”

2. Name Generation using the 10 types method

Follow the name inspector article to generate one or more names in each name type, note that you will use the keywords generated in step #1

Misspelled words: Toolz
Phrases: OnlineToolz
Blends: Ontools

3. Name Generation using the Prefix/Suffix Method

You can split your keywords generated in step #1 to prefixes and suffixes ( words that can be placed in the beginning and words that can be placed at the end)

Prefix | Suffix
Online   Tools
Web      Tools
Helper   Functions

And then use one of the domain suggestion websites to generate names which contains these prefixes and suffixes

4. Narrowing and domain lookup

List all the names you have collected from the last 2 steps, and narrow down using the following criteria
  • Domain availability
  • Uniqueness (Not similar to other websites/brands on the web)
  • Style
  • Length
  • Easily Pronounced
  • Your preference
  • Other people preferences (let your friends select their best name)

I hope you find it useful

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