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Computer-related health problems and solutions


  1.     Main Reasons for Computer Related Health Issues
  2.     Expected Computer-Related Health Issue
  3.     Laptop computer danger
  4.     Solutions
  5.     Reference

Main Reasons for Computer Related Health Issues
( aka WRMSD: Work Related Musculoskeletal disorder )

1-Repetitive Moves

The basis for this illness concept is the idea that one can overuse a tool, such as a computer keyboard or musical instrument in a way that causes tissue damage leading to pain. Conditions such as RSI(Repetitive strain injury) tend to be associated with both physical and psychosocial stressors

2-Static Posture

When you work for hours at the computer, there is little blood flow being sent to the muscles because they are not moving and contracting (see picture below). This imbalance in blood flow can be overcome by taking stretch breaks. A good idea is to set an alarm as a reminder to stand up and stretch at least every 20-30 minutes.

Expected Computer-Related Health Issues


It has been recognized that repetitive movement at the wrist, as occurs with prolonged use of a computer keyboard can lead to inflammation in the carpal tunnel and the resultant painful syndrome. Patients usually feel pain in the forearm area as well as numbness in the affected hand in the finger distribution described above.


No details needed, we have it already


Eye and vision problems are the most common health complaints of computer operators. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked for long periods of time in front of a computer. The usual symptoms include:

  1. eye fatigue or eye strain (asthenopia)
  2. blurred vision
  3. burning, itching or tearing eyes
  4. temporary change in ability to see colors and
  5. headaches.


Just about every working person knows the feeling of being under pressure to meet the demands of the job. In workplaces across the country, employers and workers are striving for greater efficiency. In offices, management has looked to computer technology as a way to get more work done in less time and with fewer people.

Stress is not only a feeling; it causes changes in body functions (physiology) such as the release of a variety of hormones, increased breathing, quickened pulse and the production of more stomach acid. Workers suffering from repeated, prolonged or continuous job stress may experience:
  1.  frequent headaches
  2.  sleeplessness
  3.  loss of appetite
  4.  depression
  5.  short temper
  6.  backache and stomach problems
  7.  ulcers
  8.  high blood pressure and/or
  9.  heart disease.

It is also likely that as one spends more and more time on the computer, it naturally takes away from the time the individual has for normal social or family relations and this in turn may lead to depression.

Tension headaches

A tension headache is a condition involving pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck, usually associated with muscle tightness in these areas.

Tension headaches occur when neck and scalp muscles become tense, or contract. The muscle contractions can be a response to stress, depression, a head injury, or anxiety.

Any activity that causes the head to be held in one position for a long time without moving can cause a headache. Such activities include typing or other computer work, fine work with the hands, and using a microscope. Sleeping in a cold room or sleeping with the neck in an abnormal position may also trigger a tension headache.

DEMENTIA & Alzheimer (BRIAN & Memory PROBLEMS)

Overworking, stress and other factors can cause Alzheimer

Laptop computer dangers

The growing use of laptop computers has increased the rate of pains, strains and injuries among computer users. Laptops were designed to allow computer access for limited periods of time when a person couldn’t reach a desktop computer.

The increased use of laptops as a replacement for a desktop computer has resulted in higher computer-related injury rates. The problem is that the monitor and keyboard of a laptop are very close together.

To position the monitor at the right height for the back and neck causes the arms and shoulders to be lifted too high. To position the keyboard at the best height for the arms and shoulders, the user must hunch the shoulders and neck to see the monitor.

Carrying laptops around can also cause excessive strain on muscles and joints.


  •     Exercise Regularly
  •     Manage Stress
  •     Live a Healthy Lifestyle
    1.     Follow regular eating and sleeping schedules.
    2.     Avoid excess caffeine and other diet triggers.
    3.     Stay well hydrated.
    4.     Stay physically active.

  •     Take Rests

            Schedule mini-breaks every 20 to 30 minutes to avoid repetition and static positions.

  •     Follow Ergonomics Principles


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Laptop Ergonomics




Health Issues


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